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a sorcerer” - Jojo Kuo (Manu Dibango, Fela Kuti, Papa Wemba)

Martin Reuter's Trust: The new face of Ronald Wolf, Autotouring Jan/Feb 2006

Martin Reuter's Trust is the brainchild of composer, leader and drummer Martin Reuter. Hailing from Luxembourg and establishing himself on the european jazz circuit for the last 10 years, he's exported his unique vision of jazz-rock fusion, a style created in the 70's which mixes the highest level of musicianship, technique and mastering of the instrument and requires a deep understanding of both the theories of classical harmony, discipline and the teachings and philosophies of jazz. by Ronald wolf, auto touring Jan/feb 2006

Martin Reuter's Trust is fusion from the next generation. Barely in his thirties, Martin manages to assemble a stellar line-up of outatsanding musicians who not only manage the artistry and proficiency of the true pioneers in the 70's, but furthermore raise the bar and incorporate the modern elements of music and the major changes in music and sounds from the early days of fusion till today. We encounter elements of new rock, progressive jazz, pinpoints of psychedelic wave from the 70's, elements reminiscent of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew period, but extended to today.

Martin Reuter's Trust takes the style of jazz-rock fusion on and picks up where the greats left, amongst which Miles Davis who later went on to play funk and Joe Zawinul, founder of the legendary Weather Report, who went on to immerse and change his style into World Music (incorporating more and more african elements, even collaborating with Afropop stars from the west coast of Africa).

Others, like Mike Stern, got closer to straight ahead jazz.

Martin Reuter is the new face of fusion and a true master at it. The band is getting ready to record and play the european jazz circuit in summer. Catch them if you can. 

Martin Reuter's Trust: The new face of fusion...

album review

from Contemporary Fusion

Astounding all original beauty Martin Reuter – MARTIN REUTER:  This is my first listen to Martin’s astounding all original music… I can tell you (with certainty) that it won’t be the last… tunes like the opener, “Halibut“, really highlight his uniqueness… I just love the bass line that drives the tune, and he’s managed to incorporate percussion and synth work that demands open ears… I (most STRONGLY) recommend that you listen to this with headphones on, at least for the first sitting.

Martin has some videos posted, so be sure and SUBSCRIBE to his YouTube channel – I did… here’s a LIVE video teaser from May 7th, 2019, of the opener for the album…

He was exposed to musical world early-on, at around age 8, in his hometown of Clervaux, Luxembourg… he moved to NYC (by himself) at age 19 and began to hone his craft… you will hear on tunes like the percussion-filled “Fun“, that he really got it RIGHT!  

This release is actually about EP length, with the longest cut on the album (4:48) being “Feio“… beautiful swirls on synth guide the tune, and there are “spooky” electro voices woven in and speaking to the listener most intriguingly… I wouldn’t be surprised (at all) to see this splendid song recommended for awards – and WINNING.  I can hardly wait for his first full-length release.

I had no difficulty choosing my personal favorite… the 2:56 “Soft” is totally mesmerizing, and will give your ears (& your heart) the thrill of your life… I have NO doubt that this composition will be receiving MAJOR airplay on stations (of all types) around the globe… sheer beauty!

I give Martin a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of a (perfect) 5.00… meaning he also gets my “PICK” for “most intriguing album”.  Get more information about this fascinating creator at Martin’s website.    You can also check out his music at Apple Music  ‎Martin Reuter on Apple Music, Spotify Martin Reuter and Soundcloud – Martin Reuter        Rotcod Zzaj


reminds me of Weather Report”

— Rae Serrano (producer, Afrika Bambaataa, top 10 Billboard charts)

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